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  • Nursing Care


    Addressing every concern

    Pediatric Plus Home Healthcare Services makes sure a thorough assessment is performed and that every client’s concerns are addressed. We offer both private duty nursing and 24-hour care to promote the overall health and well-being of our pediatric and young adult clients. Feel confident in our staff members. We have carefully hand-picked our licensed practical and registered nurses.

    The fully functional assistance you need

    • Promoting each child’s independence by allowing individual expression and assist with activities of daily living.

    • Performs daily assesments, monitors vital signs, intake/output and medical needs.

    • Medication administration

    • Effective communication between families, staff and physicians

    • Wound care and dressing changes

    • Trained to care for children on ventilators, G-tubes, and suctioning needs.

    • Administering breathing treatments and oxygen therapy as ordered. Also using cough assist and chest percussion therapy.

    • Specialized care for tracheostomies and gastrostomy tube or mickey button, nutrition via G-tube

    • Specialized one on one attention assisting with child’s daily activities, including transport to therapy and doctor appointments, social outings and even school.

    Commonly cared for by our nurses

    • Fetal alcohol syndrome

    • Cerebral palsy

    • Epilepsy/ seizure disorders

    • Brain injuries

    • Chronic respiratory disorders

    • Spina Bifida

    • Chromosomal disorders

    • Transplant recipients

    • Muscular Dystrophy

    • Diabetes, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring

    • Behavioral disorders, including anxiety, depression and oppositional defiant disorder